WhizzKid Media Brings New Mixtape

WhizzKid Media has brought out MC Shan’s new release for the benefit of his fans and lovers of Hip-Hop Music in general.

MC Shan’s re-entry into the game is one of the biggest news stories of the year; there are no two ways about it. The hugely talented and popular artiste is back and as expected with a bang with his new single “Let’s Bring Hip-Hop Back”. If that’s not music to the ears of his fans then what is?

The song has been featured on “Words Gone Wild: Eargasm 5” by WhizzKid Media, which also has the amazing Bizarre and Method Man on it with their world premiers. But of course the new hit by MC Shan has been a major attraction on this mixtape, which has been making waves in the Hip-Hop and music industry in general.

One of the highlights of this mixtape is the fact that old Hip-Hop and New age style have been seamlessly woven together. Thus it creates the stunning sound that will not only work for Hip-Hop lovers but for the uninitiated as well. This mixtape will be the way for many to find out what Hip-Hop really is all about.

These are exciting times for Hip-Hop lovers because legends like NAS have released their hits and many newcomers are hitting the right notes with their numbers that are becoming an instant rage. This Mixtape is taking the music further and to greater heights.

Hip-Hop lovers can find Eargasm 5 at Datpiff for Hip-Hop fans worldwide (http://piff.me/10918f3). One can also find out more about WhizzKid Media and MTMS Hip-Hop Revolution by following them on Twitter @dawhizzkid @MTMSMusicPromo. For more information one can write to mtmspromos@gmail.com or visit the website http://whizzkid-media.com.

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