Touring Rock Star Creates Online Guide to Help Guitarists Make Pro Studio Recordings

Tom Hess, guitar player for symphonic metal band Rhapsody Of Fire, has made the announcement for the release of a web-based guide to help guitar players improve recording skills on guitar.

Hess mentions the importance of vibrato guitar technique while recording harmonies:

“Most guitarists haven’t developed good enough vibrato skills to enable them to play different various guitar phrasing nuances with consistency while recording.

In many cases, guitar players will resort to using harmonizing tools or pitch shifters to make their harmonies sound more tight. These tools are useful at times, however being able to achieve great harmonies using your own guitar skills will always be preferable for these reasons:

– There is a noticeable difference in sound between harmony created through your guitar playing alone, and tool-assisted harmony. It simply sounds more natural when you record harmonies yourself.
– Some of the specific phrasing techniques and subtleties can’t be duplicated very easily with harmonizing tools.

Simply put, it is in your very best interest to work on becoming better with vibrato technique and improve your ability to confidently play perfect harmonies before you begin recording in the studio.”

When recording chords for guitar, Hess says “It is essential for you to make sure that the notes in your chords do not become unstable. The strings of the guitar will vibrate differently based on the way you strike them with your pick. To prevent your finished recording from sounding very poor, you must stay consistent with the way you pick your chords. Pay close attention to this during every take.”

Hess’s online guide to show guitar players how to improve recording skills on guitar is available on his website

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