Sekrett Scilensce (Secret Silence) “Robot-Mind Robot-Eye” Receives Westside Radio London Airplay

The Sekrett Scilensce song titled, “Robot-Mind Robot-Eye” has received airplay via Westside Radio London (89.6 FM).

Exploring dimensions of the human psyche with regard to technocracy and 21st century spiritual enlightenment, the track takes on modern radio playlist selections with it’s use of raw, lightly-effected vocals and Secret Silence’s anti auto-tune ideology. In combination with this is the song’s custom-sequenced arsenal, involving the use of heavy analog synthesis with no loop based production present.

“We are honored and proud to serve the Westside radio listeners and hope to stand as a vehicle to aid an influx of unheard and beautiful music that should be a part of the FM corporate playlists that still exist.” Secret Silence explained.

Persons interested in hearing this title are encouraged to visit the artist official website and are as well encouraged to request “Robot-Mind Robot-Eye” via London’s Westside Radio, 89.6FM.

About Sekrett Scilensce (Secret Silence)
Sekrett Scilensce is a composer and producer of Classical and Electronic Eurasian crossover music. His primary instruments are Piano and Synthesizers. He has also co-produced and distributed collaborative works for the publishing-industry (with a focus on licensing and acquisitions).


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