Queens NY Recording Studio Produces Billboard Charting Hit

Ray Balconis of the Queens, New York Recording Studio StudioRay recorded Kim Sozzi’s “Feel Your Love” at his recording studio which is located 56-35 Remsen Place in Maspeth, NY 11378. Ray provides many services including music production, vocal coaching, mastering, mixing, recording, and more.

Ray Balconis recently recorded the song “Feel your Love” by Kim Sozzi which is a billboard charting HIT which is currently being blasted on the airways on the big name radio stations such as Z100 in New York. Ray Balconis provides exceptional mastering, mixing, recording and other music and vocal production services at his comfortable studio in Queens, NY. Ray says come on down and enjoy the “relaxed vibe”. He has a service available for most musicians with a serious desire to produce quality recordings that are radio worthy.

This is what Ray says about Vocals:
We all love our slammin’ beats, loud guitars, thumping basses etc., etc., but in the end the most important part of any song, the part that the listener hears and identifies with most, is the vocals. Vocal production is one of my strongest areas of expertise – I can completely coach you vocally, and help to arrange & create all vocal parts and harmonies. Artists who’ve had tracks created elsewhere come to me to record the vocals on their songs solely for the quality of my vocal production.

About Mastering:
I use the best digital tools for mastering including Universal Audio’s UAD1 software and Wavelab, as well as the best of all tools – years of experience in giving songs the finishing touch that allows them to stand out on the radio. Please visit my mastering page for more details.

About Production:
My producer skills include such things as pop arrangements, rock production, acoustic recording, hip-hop mixing, vocals, and a lot of things in between. But they do NOT include every possible musical style. Please call or email me and I’ll give you an honest answer as to whether I feel that as a producer I can help your particular project.

Visit Ray’s Website Here:

About :
Ray Balconis is a musician and music producer, vocal coach, and an expert in mastering, mixing, and recording. He invites musicians to come down to his New York, NY Recording Studio located 56-35 Remsen Place in Maspeth, NY.

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