Pianoforall Online Course- Learning Piano the Easy Way

Concieved by Robin Hall in the year 2008 pianoforall is an online course consisting of more than 8 digital books and over 400 instructional videos for learning piano. Its been the best selling course for quiet sometime and in this Pianoforall review we will take an inside look on this course. Learning piano is not an easy task apart from desire, dedication one also need a good instructor. But its not easy for everyone to sign up for physical classes and this is where Pianoforall comes into picture. Pianoforall is Robin Hall’s take on teaching piano to a much wider audience through the comfort of their own home.

Robin Hall is an experienced instructor and through this course he tries to teach piano in shortest possible time. Once signed up with Pianoforall a member gets access to eight ebooks consisting of text as well as video lessons. Initially a member learns how to play rhythm chords and the slowly graduate to more advance course. The books a member gets in Pianoforall are:

– Party Time/Play by ear/Rhythm Piano.
– Blues and Rock n Roll.
– Chords Magic.
– Advance Chord made easy.
– Ballad Style.
– Jazz Piano.
– Advance Blues and Fake stride.
– Taming the classics.
– Speed Learning.
– Bumper Resource Book.

Each book is well supplemented with audio and video lessons. Once familiar with basics of the piano member can graduate to any piano style based on his personal choice. Pianoforall is huge online resource for learning piano and new lessons are added every week for the members. It is well designed and easy to follow for both a newbie and an advance member. Pianoforall is good to have resource for all who are aspiring to learn piano and with this Pianoforall review comes to an end.

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