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The Office of National Statistics analyzed the happiness and life satisfaction of people of various age groups, from the teens to the retired elders. Statistics of various areas of United Kingdom are also compared and contrasted with each other, through this comparison ratio of life satisfaction between these are analyzed, according to BBC.co.uk.

Prime Minister David Cameron is also surprised by the stats and is quite confused by the situation. He wants a solid plan to resolve this problem.

In the UK, 75% of people above 16 years of age are most likely to be satisfied with their lives and rate their happiness above seven out of ten. Women consider themselves more happy but at the same time an elevated level of anxiety is also observed to be present.

England and Wales have a very low “life satisfaction” as compared to people in Scotland and Northern Ireland but the anxiety rates are also very high. In England and Wales these ratings are also low that is 24.3% and 25.3% respectively.

The main thing that was observed during the survey was that the teenagers and the retired elders are happier than the people of middle ages. This totally depends on the job habits and the married life of individuals. Those aged between 16-19 and 65-79 have higher rating of satisfaction which is 7.4 out of 10 as compared to middle aged ones.

Residents living in rural areas are accounted as more happy than those living in urban well developed areas, simply because of the lack of expectations.

Wealth is also an important factor for happiness which is also observed in these statistics.

Health is another factor but it is not the only way which accounts for a person’s happiness. 18% of people with good health reported to be less satisfied while 38% of people with bad health reported to be more than satisfied.

People who own or mortgage a property are relatively more satisfied with their life as compared to people who rented out a property for living or business.

Similarly, global warming, crime, lack of facilities, impotency, work load and other abuses of the society are increasing the ratio of unsatisfied people.

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