Michael Jackson Tribute. the First Music Family in the World to Visit Barcelona, Spain on the 21st of June 2012

Michael Jackson Tribute Gala Party, hosted by Rose Marie Perez Founder of Totalprestige, will include entertainment, fashion shows, Special VIP Guests and media. Organized by: Totalprestige Media LTD in collaboration with Richard Nilsson and Clean Worldwide founder Marco Derhy

Special VIP Guest to be announced shortly…
Personalities accompanying Mr Joseph Jackson in the celebration include; Mr. Simon Sahouri, President of the Jackson Family Foundation; Mr. Marco Derhy Founder and CEO of c l e a n ww; Mr. Richard Nilsson Luxury Lifestyle Designer; Michael Jackson’s former business manager; Mr Dieter Wiesner; Mr Julien Rouas Paris Solidus Fragrances LLC; Mr. Charles Everhardt President of Dance Holdings and President of Unico Designs Mr. Odie Anderson

For accreditations and information about the press conference contact: pressoffice@totalprestige.com

For Gala information, reservations and sponsoring opportunities please contact: Simon@cleanww.com

About Jackson Family Foundation
The Jackson Family Foundation is a non-profit organization established by Joseph and Katherine Jackson for the purpose of developing the, Jackson Family Institute in connection with Michael Jackson Performing Arts and Culture Center & Concert Hall and Jackson Family Museum in the birthplace of the Jackson musical family; Gary, Indiana. For more information visit http://www.jacksonfamilyfoundation.us

About Clean Worldwide
Clean Worldwide is a corporate and celebrity identity, image and reputation management company, blending progressive technology with classical visual arts expertise to meet the digital marketing needs and requirements of Hollywood and Silicon Valley. For more information visit http://www.cleanww.com

About Richard Nilsson
The First LifeStyle Designer in the World is known for his cutting edge art and cinematic performance where he combines art, fashion, music to an orgy of entertainment. In 2004 the LifeStyle company Residence Superieur was born and in 2012 Superieur Lounge was launched as the First Private Celebrity Club on the French Riviera. For more information visit http://www.richard-nilsson.com

About TotalPrestige
TotalPrestige, founded in 1993, is a leading company offering luxury lifestyle management services to high net worth individuals, celebrities and corporations. For more information visit http://www.totalprestige.com

About NITV United
Mr. Zia Atabay Founder and CEO of NITV United, Started his career in the entertainment industry at the age of fourteen. After releasing a best-selling record at 18, he established his career at CBS Recording Company and with a vision for the future he opened in March of 2000 and founded NITV to bridge the gap between all Cultures and the American Culture and even Iran. For more information visit; www.NitvUnited.com

For more information about the Jackson’s Week and schedule of events, please contact Marco Derhy or Simon@cleanww.com

About Cloud 21 PR
Cloud 21 PR is a well established public relations agency based in Los Angeles, USA with its associates worldwide. At Cloud 21 PR, we create tailor made campaigns for Films, Fashion, Beauty and Entertainment which promote uniqueness. We also have a stellar Social Media team to further enhance the publicity for your project and increase engagement and audience.

Cloud 21 PR

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