KuneoKoei.com Bypassing Mobile Paradigms

Kuneo Koei announces Sekrett Scilensce (Secret Silence) music and Mary Margaret Park e-reading catalogues will be available without the need for end-users to have special formats or ‘entrapping methods’ to obtain content.

With the influx of mobile devices surging in North America, it is obvious to many content seekers and publishers that a stable method (as well as format) for obtaining and sharing content may not be available as soon as hoped for.

“Many corporations are still trick and trap minded, maybe not on purpose but usually, that’s how it is for the people buying handhelds and what not,” Kuneo Koei explained.

“We see things just like you or anyone else who downloads our music and PDFs, meaning that we say to ourselves, what’s the point of complicating the process?”

Major rebranding efforts using the new PHP to x-HTML/wm scripts, allowing users to be able to utilize published contents on not only mobile phones but also devices such as Pan Digital tablets will be applied to [Devil’z Hide], [Shadow Cure], [The Road Avenger], and [Pharmacy 7].

“We’re moving along steadily and should be completed as we move throughout 2012 and hey, if it just so happens the world ends, know that there was someone out there who said, ‘to hell with content licenses’ or some similar paraphrasing.” Kuneo Koei concluded.

Music and e-reading enthusiast are encouraged to visit the Kuneo Koei official website to get up-to-the-minute news regarding when existing and new titles are available for both PC/MAC and mobile downloading.

About Kuneo Koei
Kuneo Koei is a Developer and Publisher of creative writing productions and multi genre music catalogues, primarily serving the libraries of MMP Publishing (creative writing brand) and Sekrett Scilensce Associates (music entertainment brand).


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