The Irving Symphony Orchestra Proudly Announces Major Branding Changes

The Irving Symphony Orchestra is proud to announce major branding changes in an era when classical art forms are looking for ways to remain culturally relevant. This Dallas area symphony orchestra is taking the lead to ensure that successive generations of music lovers will fall in love with the world’s most enduring music.

President Tracy Boyd states, “Following an artistic trajectory change in the 2009-2010 sea son, the Irving Symphony Orchestra has begun to gain national attention as one of the most progressive symphony orchestras in America, staging traditional symphonic masterworks in multi-sensory, US PREMIERE formats never before imagined. To echo this forward-thinking/fresh direction, the Irving Symphony Orchestra recently moved to evolve its longstanding position and brand.”

In order to accomplish this they have, in addition to logo change and plans for a new website, made the bold decision to change their name. Boyd states, “The Irving Symphony Orchestra performed admirably, albeit under the radar, for 48 years. During those years, the orchestra was exclusively identified with the City of Irving. Rather than following in the path of other orchestras employing geographic-centric branding, this orchestra has determined to be known by the uniqueness of its musical product.”

Moving forward, the orchestra will now be known as ENVISO which is similar to the Latin word inviso, which means “to behold”. This name change is strategically designed to appeal to a larger and more diverse demographic as they broaden their regional appeal. ENVISO’s brand promise is symphony you can see, representing the first orchestra in North Texas to serve as a counterbalance to the standard/traditional symphony patron experience. The aim is to give the 48-year-old organization immediate, direct, instant identification with arts consumers.

Once the new name was determined, ENVISO engaged the services of four Dallas design entities to aid in executing the logo.

Boyd States, “Ultimately, the logo solution rendered by Masterlink Interactive brought about the collective agreement we were all looking for. Developed by Anna Cherkashina, Masterlink Senior Designer, the ENVISO logo is at the same time simple and sophisticated. The use of rhythmic circles reflects the rhythms in the music we perform. The overall graphic feel is clean, architectural and modern, representative of this progressive orchestra. The orchestra’s rebranded logo honors ENVISO’s past and yet reflects who they are today.”

Boyd Exclaims, “Rebranding results are already being felt, noted by genuine audience diversification, and the exposure of larger/broader segments of the metro arts/culture/entertainment segment to extraordinary live music. The goal is simple…for this art form to thrive long after I’m gone.”

ENVISO, formerly the Irving Symphony Orchestra, is a different symphony for a different audience…a distinctive professional boutique symphony with a compelling and differentiated point of view. The orchestra is noted for producing signature, multi-sensory symphonic productions; the seamless synthesis of performing arts, visual arts and literally arts. ENVISO has been distinguished as the first professional symphony in the United States to dedicate its artistic ethos to the interdisciplinary staging of symphonic performances. Vigilant to maintain the fidelity of the world’s most enduring music, ENVISO stages productions in the most inventive ways imaginable. To find out how ENVISO can perform for you, visit

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