Introducing Rev Joanne Cretney-tsosie Our Newest Radio Host on the Universal Life Church Radio Network, Courtesy of the Universal Life Church World Headquarters

The Universal Life Church World Headquarters is proud to announce our newest host, Reverend Joanne Cretney-Tsosie, who will be joining our Universal Life Church Radio (ULC Radio) family on Wednesday nights at 10PM EST (7PM PST) with her 60 minute show entitled: “Conversations with Spirit.”




PART 1 – BEGINNINGS OF FAITH –How it all began for each of us

PART 2 – LOSING FAITH – some of us lose our way, turn our back, what that does to us & our community of family & friends

PART 3 – RE-DISCOVERING FAITH – how that feels, what motivates it, how does Spirit “call us back”??

PART 4 – MAINTAINING FAITH – the struggles with keeping faith in todays troubling times

PART 5 – SHARING FAITH – showing thru’ ones actions & words the truths of faith

PART 6 – GROWING IN FAITH – what do we need to do for ourselves & our community to continue to “evolve” within our faith

Rev. Joanne will be doing readings from the bible, giving idea’s, teaching on meditations & books etc that will help in the development of “connecting with spirit.”

The Universal Life Church World Headquarters is truly as they claim “The Church Heard Around The World!” From Sunday Mass, to Wednesday Night Devotions, Prayers and Bible Study, coupled with a full prime time schedule of faith based, oriented shows the Universal Life Church World Headquarters is spreading the Good News and Helping Folks stretching to every corner of the globe.


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