Health: a Clean Lymphatic System Means Eradicating Health Concerns and Creates Weight Loss

There is a lymph-brain connection: studies have shown that 48% of our cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) that helps to maintain the brain is re-absorbed by the lymphatic system. After retiring from the New York City Fire Department, John Ossipinski studied and worked with the lymphatic system for over 15 years, He is the developer of Lymphpractic® and created Wellness Centers that have helped many with their pain, stress, cognitive and immune problems by activating their lymphatic vessels and nodes. John has also changed his and his family’s inner environment to a healthier, more alkaline state, thus eradicating health problems and improving their health within weeks.

When working with the lymph system often an undetected acid-alkaline imbalance is found. That is the missing piece to many health problems such as: bloating, acid reflux, neck and back pain, headaches, sinus problems, skin growths, eczema, obesity, diabetes, ADHD, autism, depression, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, cancer, cysts and tumors, kidney disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, infant colic, erectile dysfunction, incontinence, irritable bowel syndrome. And many more health issues.

John has been coined “The Lymph Man” for his groundbreaking work with this emerging science. His web site contains over one hundred videos that detail how to balance the internal body and how to activate the lymphatic system to overcome illness and create health. He outlines a five-step approach back to health:
– Learn the warning signs of toxicity –know your bodies pH,
– Adopt an acid/alkaline balanced body using an 80/20 rule,
– Increase circulation with exercise, deep breathing, good posture and hydration,
– Actively reduce and manage stress in your daily life,
– Manually improve detoxification in your body by self-activating your lymphatic system.

The initials pH stands for “potential of hydrogen,” and determines if our body is acid or alkaline. The ideal pH of saliva or urine should be between 6.5 and 7.5. Those who keep their bodies in the normal pH limits find improved sleep, weight loss, reduction in pain and stress, and those with chronic illness begin to get well.

The lymph system is twice as large as the blood circulatory system by volume. It transports the body’s waste from the tissues, into the circulation to be eliminated by the kidneys and bowel. It also transports some hormones and nutritional factors. In many people the lymph system has become dangerously sluggish and it needs to be ‘spring cleaned.’ Very often the lymph ducts become blocked and the lymph just accumulates in the tissues. This means that the waste products are not eliminated from the cells effectively and the cells will start malfunctioning. This will also set up a breeding ground for infection and local decay of the cells.

Immunity Support is directly related to our lymph glands and nodes. Lymphatic organs closely associated with the immune system include the bone marrow, thymus, spleen and lymph nodes. The bone marrow produces lymphocytes, monocytes and leukocytes, also known as white blood cells. The white blood cells attack and destroy foreign substances that enter the body. The thymus gland produces lymphocytes as well. Lymph nodes, such as the tonsils, contain high concentrations of white blood cells. Lastly, the spleen filters the blood and lymphatic fluid of toxic material, providing important immunity benefits to the body, according to Harvard University. In addition, Lance Armstrong’s web page Live Strong has dedicated a portion of his site to the importance of the health of the lymphatic system.

To learn more, listen to Debbi Dachinger as she interviews John Ossipinski, the “Lymph Man,” on “Dare to Dream” radio. John and Debbi will be heard live or via the podcast on: Debbi Dachinger’s “Dare to Dream” radio show is a syndicated, multi-award winning program, that’s been featured in news sources around the world. Dachinger is the author of the bestselling book “Dare to Dream: This Life Counts, “receiving 5-star reviews and is available on Amazon.

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