Genuine Thugz – Jizzle’s New Single “Baby Girl Baby Girl” Is Expected to Create Stunning Response

It is great to know that Genuine Thugz’s own Jizzle is in great hopes of releasing his new track “Baby Girl Baby Girl” in the month of December. Jizzle’s new track was produced by Jamichael Jones aka Da Truth and mastered by Christopher Sharp. Also, Jizzle has optimized a variety of vocal speeds and skills in the track resulting in unparalleled rap in both substance & style. People would start loving the song as it seems to be energetic pulling them to shake their legs for a while.

If you are interested in experiencing amazing hip hop music on your playlist, then Jizzle’s “Baby Girl Baby Girl” would be the perfect choice for you. Jizzle and the Genuine Thugz have delivered several hit songs and they include Seem Like, Ride Wit Me, Work and much more. It is sure that everyone is paying attention to Jizzle’s videos and you can easily download them from any digital player.

With 2012 rapidly pulling away, Jizzle’s new song is estimated to make a massive change this year and they have experimented music with different genres. People can catch Jizzle’s live performance on any festival season and their music will definitely take you to a new world. Added to this, Jizzle’s Seem Like video became one of the single most watched videos on YouTube and it has created great response among the people.

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About Jizzle
Jizzle is one of the excellent artists within the Genuine Thugz group and their team focuses on producing lively songs. People who are interested can get in touch with them at,, or by e-mail at It’s time for you to book them and enjoy the great music at your side.


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