Falbo Brothers Pizzeria, Official Venue for the Fort Collins Music Festival, FoCoMX, Hosts Free Shows for the Community Featuring Local Musicians

“We are excited to be working with many local artists on putting together a regular event for the community to enjoy and gather at, as well as play host to a lot of interesting and innovative local music projects, side projects and experimentation grounds,” says Luke Mescher, owner of Falbo Brothers Pizzeria.

Falbo Brothers Pizzeria has set up a pizzeria for and about the community of Fort Collins. This is a place for handmade gourmet pizza, a venue to hear your local musicians or to try out your hand at ping-pong, which has quickly become a regulars and staff attraction.

Offering a unique product and another choice when it comes to pizza, this pizza is really done with love. Without even a mixer in the kitchen, they make their dough and sauce from scratch numerous times a day, never skimping on the ingredients and especially not the cheese, which is brought in from Wisconsin.

Falbo Brothers Pizzeria (http://www.falbobrospizza.com) invites the community to join them for a Tuesday show or a Sunday night ping-pong match or for happy hour 7 days a week from 4:20-6:20pm, with $2 micro draft beers. They probably offer the cheapest beers in town at $8/pitcher and their regular specials are 2 slices of pizza and a soda for $4.20, available all day and night every day. They always have a pizza of the week allowing customers to try it for 20% off any size any crust and an amazing patio attached to the back of the building which will turn into a great beer/wine garden this spring.

About Falbo Brothers Pizza
Falbo Brothers Pizzeria, a Fort Collins Pizzeria, serves superior gourmet pizza, all by hand, with Wisconsin cheese and a lot of love. Opened for just over a year, the pizzeria has become a Fort Collins favorite. The original Falbo Brothers Pizzeria opened for business August 1, 1992 in Madison, Wisconsin. Two students from the University of Wisconsin forced to eat horrible “college” pizza for 4 years decided enough was enough. Jason and Rob, the original “Falbo Brothers” decided it was time to take matters into their own hands. They had a simple philosophy: Make the best possible pizza, charge the lowest possible price. They now have locations in Colorado, Wisconsin and Iowa.

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Falbo Brothers Pizza Contact: Luke Mescher
822 S. College Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80524

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