European Producer “Futureboy 5000” Releases New Track

The Netherlands own DJ Futureboy 5000 is bringing a pioneering new sound to the electronic music industry with his newest release “Got To Be Drunk.”

This music producer has been playing music for over 15 years as a percussionist and has spent the past few years honing his talents into the technically weaved songs on this newest release. The track “Got To Be Drunk” really encompasses a wide variety of sounds from the Commodore 64 and Nintendo Entertainment System’s to build up the retro portion of his tracks. With this basis Futureboy 5000 samples in tracks of a times past from old movies/films that have now entered into the public domain.

With the variety of sounds this mastermind is able to put together into one solid project its nothing short of amazing and is helping Futureboy to make a name for himself in the “indie dance” music market. Futureboy 5000’s newest track “Got To Be Drunk” features some awesome sci-fi movie content and even a special guest appearance by “Vietnam’s Got Talent” star Michael Jackson impersonator that goes by the stage name “Tu Michael.” With one listen it’s impossible not to become a fan and want more from DJ Futureboy 5000!

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