Diesel:U:Music Announces “Stupid For Music World Cup” Winners

Diesel:U:Music (D:U:M), Diesel’s worldwide collaborative music support network, today announces the band and fan winners of the coveted “Stupid for Music World Cup” title in the online battle of the bands and fans competition. Over the course of the competition, more than 3,000 fans participated, generating millions of points. Brazilian pop-master Yann rallied his fans and prevailed in the final heat of the competition along with winning fan Linda Magnolia who sang her way to the top with her karaoke rendition of Yann’s Payback Time.

The Stupid for Music World Cup was a four month competition, honouring Diesel:U:Music’s 10 year anniversary. Diesel partnered with the leading matchmaking site for bands and music promoters, Sonicbids, to create a competition that celebrates emerging artists and engages their fans, in turn, catapulting them to Internet stardom. The results were seen across the social media stratosphere with more than 3,000 pieces of viral content created, well over 500,000 unique comments posted, and 8,500 Facebook likes generated.

This time, Diesel not only looked for bands but the most obsessively followed bands. The competition included a series of heats and knockout rounds for fans to support their favorite band. Fans won a variety of prizes from Diesel schwag and ghetto blasters to digital cameras. In the final round, fans got extra stupid for music by singing their hearts out in MXP4’s karaoke battle, which won Magnolia a brand new top of the range home media sound system, lighting, a smoke machine and the coveted Stupid for Music World Cup title. Yann is also a big winner in the competition with prizes including: a two-day studio hire with producer to cut a new single; professional music video production; a one-month PR package including a viral stunt for his next gig or album; a photo shoot; and a Stupid For Music World Cup trophy.

“I’m very grateful to Diesel:U:Music for all the prizes and excitement. I’ve been following Yann since he was performing in underground nightclubs in NYC,” said Linda Magnolia, Diesel:U:Music fan winner. “This contest is just a tiny little seed and I can’t wait to watch his career bloom into a huge spectacular tree. It’s so great to be a part of my favorite artist’s success.”

About Diesel:U:Music
Throughout its 10 year history as a yearly unsigned music talent awards, D:U:M has unearthed some of the most exciting new artists of the last decade such as, Mylo, Diplo and more recently, The Cool Kids. D:U:M now operates as a worldwide collaborative music support network with strong friendships with some of the most talented artists, labels, radio stations, journalists, and producers in most countries. And now in 2010 the website has been propelled into the future. http://www.dieselumusic.com/

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