All New Christmas Music at; Miss Kristin Re-Releases “a Miss Kristin Christmas” in Time for Holiday’s

Miss Kristin is a music making machine. She has a large catalog that reaches a broad spectrum of style. “A Miss Kristin Christmas” was previously released in 2007. The original songs were created solely by Kristin and the timeless melancholy has been enjoyed throughout the world every year at Christmas.

Music Directors at community and public radio stations around the world find the music a perfect fit for listeners who enjoy the real life experience of happy/sad at Christmas. With songs featuring Santa Claus and ideas of Christmas trees and angels, Kristin felt the re-mix was needed to re-produce the material with a new fuller sound. Miss Kristin has gained extensive musical experience and has evolved since 2007. She desired to update the tracks for fans and listeners.

The new Miss Kristin Christmas music is available in the Big Fuss Music Store for a $5.00 donation. (This season only) Folk rock music artists, such as prolific Miss Kristin, also produce music video to go with music tracks and songs that spread virally across channels on YouTube and Facebook. “A Miss Kristin Christmas” features the videos “Santa On His Way” and “The Time Of Our Lives”.

Learn more by visiting and Watch the videos at

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