Brose Royce Releases New Music Video Bill of Rights

If a genetic engineer had the ability to mix in the DNA samples of Tupac Shakur, Rick James and a pinch of Kurt Cobain; that character might closely resemble the nightmare Brose Royce.

Brose, a recording artist out of Los Angeles has rapidly become one of the better known up and coming video director and editors for several in LA’s music scene. Of course equipped with this ability Brose has taken a greater pride in directing and editing his own visuals.

The video which has gotten Brose the most notice has been the mouth dropping, controversial clip “Inauguration”. You could be certain that Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney wishes he could have used this video as an attack ad against President Obama.

Brose has taken his freedom of expression to heart with many images of our current president taking part in activities that even Bill Clinton would kiss the ring to. The video already has over one million views and has gotten the attention of several major labels as well as government officials.

His latest video “Bill of Rights” is a clear example of Brose’s desire to take risk creatively while visually displaying and speaking his mind freely. This track comes from his upcoming EP titled “LSD”, which will be Brose Royce’s official introduction as an artist.

With “LSD” you will get a glimpse of an average weekend in the life of a Southern California turned up playboy; no embellishments required. While listening to Brose Royce’s work you will notice the oxymoron in his sound that comes off grossly raw yet unbelievably polished in the same breath. You will hear some not-so tall tales and adventures of him and his bevy of female friends in a healthy portion of his tracks.

You’ll also get plenty of what many are into with the drug induced tales that define the American sub culture. Brose Royce the “Renaissance Man” is giving us a cinematic experience with this project.

Tupac would be proud.

About Brose Royce
Brose Royce is an up and coming recording Rapper and artist who hails out of Los Angeles, California. He has made a name for himself directing and editing some of LA’s hottest music videos. His latest video creation originates from his upcoming EP titled “LSD”, which will is already being hailed for its controversial and explosive lyrics about the life.

Watch “Bill of Rights” here:


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