The Boss General Is Breaking Records in Hip Hop As an Innovative Producer and Artist

Once in a while in the music industry a talented artist or producer comes along who has real musical training. This is a breath of fresh air because the music produced will usually explore a greater depth of music theory and a higher level of recording quality than most artists are able to accomplish. The Boss General is one of these artist/producers, having grown up in Los Angeles where he also pursued his professional music recording education at a recording arts school. So it is no accident that The Boss General is responsible for a wide variety of popular songs as well as to his own music/videos on YouTube racking up millions of views in only a few months.

“I always loved music and knew that I would be in the music industry,” says The Boss General. “I respect artists and producers a lot so it was a great feeling to start working with some of the icons of Hip Hop and the music industry,” he says.

Currently Boss General is working with Grammy-award-winning producer Streetrunner. With his own production skills, The Boss General has produced a wide variety of artists including mixes of Snoop Dogg, D.O.C, Battlecat, Kurupt, Jay O’Felony, Prodigy from Mobb Deep, and many others.

“My new video has a couple million views on YouTube in only a few moths, so I am excited about that,” Boss General says.

See the new music video from The Boss General on YouTube.

The Boss General says he is currently in the studio working on some major projects that are very exciting and will be kept a secret until they are ready for release. Since he is working with such a high level of talent and skill (including Grammy-award-winning producers), we know that the millions of new fans that his YouTube account is showing will be looking forward to these new songs and music videos.

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About The Boss General
The Boss General is a recording artist and producer in the Hip Hop Music genre. He was raised in South Central Los Angeles and got his first exposure to the music business attending the Los Angeles Recording Workshop, where he received his Recording Engineering Certificate in the year 2004. Since then he has been working with a wide variety of music talent, West Coast rap talent, and other producers, including Mars of 1500, DJ Infamous and Grammy-award-winning producer Streetrunner.

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