Alander Pulliam is Planning to Start a Charity for Younger Potential Entreprenuers Next Year

The Charity Alander Pulliam Plans To Start Will Be only for the Young People with Business ideas and Business Plans Alander Pulliam Said, The Program Will Raise Money to help support them while they are persuing business aspirations. Alander Pulliam Reason for starting this program starts back when he started out as one and nobody else came to help, Alander Pulliam said that He Knows thier is alot of potential in young adults and that all they need is for someone to behind them in thier corner, So Chairty will be that person, The Charity is said to start in Late October this year thier are still some kinks being worked out.

We found out that Alander Pulliam Will soon start his Record Label as well, So this Will help the charity grow a lot Alander Said, Erica Jones Alander’s Assistant Said that she believed that this program will be notice for it’s future accomplishments and it will be successful Because Alander isn’t that old, and is still making other moves that will motivate people in his age Bracket to Make moves With thier lives.

Erica Jones was the master mind behind alot of the Brainstorming of this Project Alander Pulliam Said, She came up with the idea of me going out to the younger crowd and reaching them. I always have faith in what I do, and I Know that no one else is going to help me so I have t o get up and do it myself.

I have always been a Business minded person since I was 7 years old, Alander Pulliam Said, I Wanted to open a charity for poor people when I was poor, and this will allow that to happen.

Alander Pulliam is a Young Entreprenuer making major moves and he wants other young individuals to do the same.

You can Visit his Website and Social Sites by clicking on the links Below:

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